Mineral Makeup and Titanium Dioxide

One of the ingredients that can be found in a mineral Top selling 3d mink lashes foundation is titanium dioxide. (http://www.covergirllashes.com/eyelash vendors wholesale) This is intriguing because there have been rumors that it contains carcinogens. A carcinogen is a substance that can cause cellular malfunction, causing cells to become cancerous and thus becoming dangerous to the surrounding tissues and ultimately the body as these mutated cells take over the body. So what is the truth about this? Thus the all-natural mineral makeup contain a carcinogen? Let us find out.

Top selling 3d mink lashes
Top selling 3d mink lashes

It is a white, opaque naturally-occurring mineral found in two main forms, these are the rutile and the anatase. These two forms contain pure titanium dioxide but it is also has impurities. That is why titanium dioxide is chemically processed to remove the impurities so as the white, pure pigment can be available for use. This substance is as old as earth and is one of the top fifty chemicals that is being produced worldwide. This odorless and absorbent substance has many uses such as products ranging from food to paint to cosmetics. It is also sometimes used as a white pigment, a sunscreen and an opacifier.

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, titanium dioxide is listed as a safe pigment. That has no known adverse effects. It has not been listed as a carcinogen, a mutagen, teratogen, comedogen, toxin or a substance that can trigger contact dermatitis. It is not a cancer-causing substance, it is safe to be used in drugs, food, paints and cosmetics.

Again, this only proves that mineral Top selling 3d mink lashes is all-natural. It has no carcinogens and synthetic substance that can harm your skin.

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Top selling 3d mink lashes
Top selling 3d mink lashes

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