Street Fighting Moves – The 3 Things You Must Say and Do When the Police Arrive

While walking with your 9-year old daughter, out of nowhere a creep jumps out of the bushes and demands your wallet. He is unarmed, but he is huge and imposing in size, 6 feet 4, more or less, and maybe over 250 lbs. of apparent muscular brute force ready to lash out at you and your little one. You raise your hands in the siberian mink lashes defensive position, palms out with the “Buddy, I don’t want any trouble” gesture when “Whop!” You eye gouge him with both thumbs in both of his eyes as you move in kneeing him in the groin. First right knee. Then left knee. As you grab the back of his head while your thumbs are still pressing hard into his eyes, you head butt him on the bridge of his nose with the top of your head, just about where the forehead makes the hairline, and “siberian mink lashes!” Mr. Mugger hits the ground unconscious. You take out your cell phone and call the police.

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

Within minutes the sirens screech and you see the red lights of two patrol cars.

From one of the opened doors of the parked police cars, you hear over the loud speaker. “Sir, place your hands up and behind you head where we can see them.” The police carefully walk toward you to begin their police report and find out what happened. Now when they start questioning you, do you know how and what to say? Let me help you.

The 3 Things You Must Say And Do When The Police Arrive:

#1 Thing To Do – Cooperate With The Police Physically With What They Ask – If they say that they must handcuff you in order to question you, don’t take it personally, this is just standard police procedure done for their safety. Don’t resist. Politely comply. This very situation happened to me once and while I was with my 9-year daughter. (My daughter thought is was funny and starting humming “Bad boys. Bad boys. What ya’ siberian mink lashes do..”)

#2 Thing To Do – When Questioned What Happened, Say In Very Polite Tones That You Feared For Your Safety And Life (As Well As That Of Your Loved One), And That You Were Assaulted – Beyond saying this, it is recommended that you not say much more. The more details that you give in a state of stress the more you are likely to say the wrong thing and dig a hole for yourself.

#3 Thing To Do – When Pressed For Further Detail, State That You Want To Speak To Your Attorney First – Police love for you to give them ever minute detail to write down what happened in their police reports, however, it would be much better to decline as respectfully as possible to offer more details and request the presence of your attorney in order to make a full and complete statement. Attorneys know exactly how much and what you should and should not say.

When you are fighting for your life and survival keep this in mind. There are 12 jurors that decide your legal fate. And there are 4 poll bearers that carry the deceased to his grave site to bury him. Better to be judged by 12 that siberian mink lashes by 4.


siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

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