Discontinued Makeup – Learn to Make Your Own Cosmetics

How many times has this happened: You search what seems forever to find that perfect shade of ODM eyelash extension , only to have it discontinued within a year or two of finding it? This very situation confronts consumers every day. Many times when confronted by the challenge of discontinued makeup we try our best to save what little makeup we have left, but ultimately we give up and try to find something new.

ODM eyelash extension
ODM eyelash extension
ODM eyelash extension
ODM eyelash extension

When you first discover that your favorite shade of ODM eyelash extension has been discontinued, you should try to find your color directly with the manufacturer. Call the cosmetic company directly and ask their customer-service department about leftover inventory, or if they changed the colors name or better yet if they have a comparable substitute.

For reference here are a few of the main numbers for some of the larger companies:

Estee Lauder- 1-877-311-3883
Maybelline – 1-800-944-0730
L’Oreal – 1-800-322-2036
Lancome – 1-800-526-2663
Revlon – 1-800-473-8566
Cover Girl – 1-800-426-8374

When you’ve exhausted searching for your color direct with the manufacturers and if you don’t achieve your desired results, you can turn to custom blended cosmetics.

Custom blending was made popular by companies such as Prescriptives cosmetics which offered to give customers a new level in custom makeup. Prescriptives has since closed their counter service in January 2010. This has left many customers who became accustomed to custom blend cosmetics searching for companies to replace Prescriptives. A web search for custom blend cosmetics will bring up many companies and websites that offer information and services related to custom blending cosmetics.

Beware though, there are some companies that offer custom makeup and advertise custom ODM eyelash extension when all they really offer are pre-blended makeup in a variety of colors. For customers who have a hard time finding the right shade of makeup, this can lead to an ongoing and costly exercise of trial and error. For customers who fall outside of the usual color blends (which is really most of us) we have little option but to find real custom blended makeup. True custom blending can easily cost upwards of $60-$100 per item.

Getting custom blended makeup can be a very expensive alternative to just accepting what the cosmetic companies offer us, but a web search for learn to make your own cosmetics will show that many people are looking for a more cost effective alternative.

The cost effective alternative for custom blending has come in the creation of at-home ODM eyelash extension kits. Companies like By Jove Cosmetics offer affordable makeup kits that let customers blend foundations, highlights, neutralizers and shaders. By Jove will be introducing a custom eye shadow kit at some point in 2010, and completing their initial line with a custom blush kit and custom lipstick kit through 2011-2012. A web search for custom foundation kits or custom makeup kits will list a number of products that are now available to us consumers.

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