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Most Women Don’t Apply Their Mascara Properly – Are You One of Them?

Need some help in perfect mascara mink false lashes? Applying mascara takes some practice. Trust me it is not as easy as they make you believe it is in commercials. Not to worry, by the time you are finished reading this article you will be a pro and others will be turning to you for lash advice. What’s the best way to apply mascara? How many coats should I apply? What’s the difference in Volumizing and Lengthening mascara? Feel a little over whelmed? Not to worry, I will teach you how to get the most from your mink false lashes!!

mink false lashes
mink false lashes
  1. Do not under xehair estimate the power of a good eyelash curler. Curling your lashes should be the first step in getting lashes ready for mascara. You can also hit the lash curler with a blast of heat from the hairdryer (a few seconds will do). Just do a quick temp check before using lash curler; you don’t want to burn your eyes!
  2. Now you need to decide on what you want from your mink false lashes. Choose one that is made specifically for your needs. i.e. length, volume or definition. Can’ t decide? Not to worry, I have the same problem. What I like to do is use is lengthening mascara for my first coat and then for my last two coats I use a volumizing mascara. I like to call this concoction “the best of both worlds.”
  3. How to apply your mascara so that every lash gets lifted and mink false lashes. Start at the center of lash line, place wand at base of lashes, wiggle wand side to side (think brushing your teeth) as you sweep the wand up. Now angle the wand up, (about 45 degrees) so that the wand is over the center to the outer lashes. Start at the bases of lashes and using the same “wiggle” motion, sweep the wand up. Lastly, angle tip of mascara wand down (about 45 degrees) so that wand is over the center to inner lashes and apply mascara in the same manner as before. Remember, 3 coats of mascara is best. How to coat your lower mink false lashes.  Start by angling wand up slightly and slowly apply mascara to a few lashes at a time. F.Y.I. place a tissue under you lower lashes as you are applying your mascara to prevent any of it winding up on your face.


mink false lashes
mink false lashes

Here are a few extra tips to help you achieve even more dramatic mink false lashes. The first thing is “Your mom was right”. One of the first things my mother taught me was not to “pump” your mascara. Pumping only adds air into the mascara tube, which dries out mascara, and it also makes it clumpy. The next tip is to prime your lashes before applying mascara. Some mascaras are dual ended meaning that one end contains a primer that you put on before your mascara and the other end is your mascara. My mother also taught me that you could dust loose face powder on lashes as a primer (I do this myself). Next tip; don’t be afraid to play with other colors. Gray and brown mascaras are a great choice for a subdued sultry eye. My final tip and the one that has saved me a lot of grief is if you get mascara on you eyelid just leave it there until it mink false lashes. Then with your fingernail, gently scrape it away. Trying to remove mascara mistakes when they are wet only smudges it and makes your problem worse.



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