Hot Tips & Tricks of Mineral Makeup Application

How good you look in makeup relies both on the quality of your mineral Handmade Custom eyelash and also how you apply it. ( lash vendor) With mineral make up it is all about taking your time and enjoying the experience of working with it. Eventually you will find an application method which will make you worthy of a red carpet.

Brush Preparation
Swirl your brush in a small quantity of minerals to let your brush take in the foundation. Vertically tapping the brush towards the handle’s end, will make the minerals go right into the bristles and tip off the excess.

Handmade Custom eyelash
Handmade Custom eyelash

Foundation Application
Using a Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, buff a thin layer of minerals onto the face with a circular motion which starts from your face’s perimeter. Make sure your skin looks natural; if not, use a tissue to dab away the extra and then go onto blending again.

Blush Application
Prepare your Angled Blush Brush in the Handmade Custom eyelash way as the foundation and start application from the apples of your smile or cheek and work outwards and a little upwards.

Mineral Enhancers
The cheeks, face and shoulders or even other areas can be dusted using a brush loaded with minerals, to get a sexy sun-kissed look.

Concealing Flaws
Use a bit of foundation on a concealer brush to cover dark circles, discolorations and other blemishes until you get the desired coverage. Also dust or brush a bit onto areas which have a tendency to become shiny.

Eye shadow
Dip only the tip of your shadow brush into loose powder. Once you have tapped away the excess brush gently onto the crease, lids or even under the brow and keep blending until you get the right natural look.
Good luck!

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Tyler Hansen – health and beauty expert

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Handmade Custom eyelash
Handmade Custom eyelash

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