Are You Pregnant and Tired of Looking Tired?

When I was pregnant I would always get the “false eyelash custom?” question or the “you look really tired,” comment. Looking your best is important, but it can be hard when you have dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Since your eyes are one of the first things people see when they look at you it is important that you address this problem.

To wake up your eyes, try these simple tips:

false eyelash custom
false eyelash custom

Xehair lots of water: Water tends to make the skin plump increasing the area between your false eyelash custom vessels and the skin.

Reduce sodium intake: This will naturally pull the water out of your eye area and every other area you are retaining water.

Get plenty of rest: Proper sleep will reduce puffiness in the eye area. Make sure that you get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. This will benefit your total appearance, and will be especially noticeable in your eyes.

Place cucumber slices over your eyes: This is the most common home-made remedy against dark shadows under the eyes. The slices should be left under the eyes for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Place raw potato slices over your false eyelash custom : It will reduce the dark circles significantly and it’s easy and convenient. The slices should be left under the eyes for 20 minutes if you can, then rinse with cold water.

Mash up banana: Put a little under each eye before you go to bed. The potassium helps to reduce your dark circles.

Apply a cold teaspoon under the eyes: Put two clean teaspoons in the fridge and when they are cold put the spoons on your dark circles.

Apply a tea bag to your eyes: It contains a natural element called tannin in it which will work to relieve the swelling quickly. Chamomile is the most recommended in treating dark circles, it is a natural anti-inflammatory that will leave your face brighter and less swollen.

You should also try these make-up tips to help cover-up tired eyes:

Apply eye cream: First and foremost, eyes creams will plump up the eye area, reducing lines and diminishing the appearance of dark circles temporarily.

Put concealer under your eyes: Try a yellow or green concealer before applying the concealer that matches your skin. The yellow pigment will cancel out the purple of your under eye circles.

Use white eyeliner: Apply it inside your eye to make your false eyelash customappear brighter.

false eyelash custom
false eyelash custom

Brush on light eye shadows: Lighter shades reflect light, which will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Use an false eyelash custom curler: This will make you look more bright and alert. You can also try mascara that helps curl your lashes.

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