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Classic Bridal Makeup – The Perfect Wedding Day Look (Part 2 – Eyes, Lips & Cheeks)


Before you begin eyeshadow application, ( lashes vendor) make sure that you have applied powder to the upper eye area with a wedged sponge. Another option is to use an eye primer. This will prevent CAKING of your eye customized 3d mink lashes.

customized 3d mink lashes
customized 3d mink lashes

Base coat: Sweep a gold color eyeshadow from upper lid to brow with large eye customized 3d mink lashes brush. AVOID excessively shimmery products. Stick to those that are matte or that have a slight shimmer. Lightly sweep this color under the lower lashes with a smaller eye makeup brush for continuous color all around the eye.

Crease: Add a cinnamon color eyeshadow along the crease and blend well.

Now, line eyes from inner to outer corners with a dark brown or black liquid/gel eyeliner with an angled eye customized 3d mink lashes brush. For your wedding day, I would not recommend anything BUT liquid/gel eyeliner as it shows up SO NICELY in photographs. It really plays up the eyes quite nicely.

If desired, you can smudge the eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow. To do this, take your sponge tip applicator and gently rub over your eyeliner with soft strokes until you achieve the desired look.

Line the entire lower lid or outer third area (depending on your eye shape) using your crease eyeshadow color with a small eye customized 3d mink lashes brush.

To finish off your eyeshadow application, apply a light vanilla color (shimmer looks nice here) under you your brow bone and add to inner eye corners with a sponge tip applicator . This will give you a little extra sparkle.

Lastly, curl your eyelashes then apply 2 thick coats of black mascara.


Many women omit the use of blush on a day to day basis. For your wedding day, this is an absolute MUST!

The reason –

You need the added color for your photographs. Otherwise, the colors won’t show up. Always wear slightly more color than you would on any given day. If you tend to get rosy naturally, you have to think that your foundation has camouflaged this natural occurrence. Wear blush, you’ll thank me for it.

When choosing your color, be sure to pick a natural looking color. When I mean, wear more than usual, I don’t mean a brighter shade. Sweep your blush brush over your cheek a couple extra times to get more color intensity.

To apply start with a bronzer and sweep lightly over cheeks with big blush brush. Use rose colored blush color and apply to apples of cheeks. This effect gives more dimension, and gives you a sun kissed glow.

After blush application, apply bronzer to entire face.


Again, I will emphasize the need to use color. You don’t want to look washed out.

Apply foundation to the lips beforehand to create a nice base for your lipstick. It will last longer too. Then, line the entire lip area with your liner Again, this creates more staying power for your lipstick.

Use a neutral liner and lipstick. Although neutral, it should have enough color to avoid making you look washed out. For a classic bridal customized 3d mink lashes look, this is the way to go. The shade you pick must add color to your face. Of course, the intensity of your color choice can vary – go with what makes you comfortable.

customized 3d mink lashes
customized 3d mink lashes

One color I would stay away from is the POPPY REDS! Avoid anything too bright. Remember, to ask for various opinions before making your selection. Sometimes, this can save you from a dreadful mistake.

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