Fake it ’til You Make It – The Art of Applying False Lashes

Everyone wants the look of thick, long eyelashes, but no one that seems to sit in my chair knows how to apply the temporary lash strips. With all the events and parties this season, I decided to give my readers a quick tutorial on how to apply 3d real mink false eyelashes lash strips.

3d real mink false eyelashes
3d real mink false eyelashes

1. Xehair all your eye makeup first. That includes shadow and mascara, but no 3d real mink false eyelashes just yet.

2. Use a heated curler, like the Xtreme Heated Eyelash Curler to lift and curl your natural lashes. Traditional crimping curlers can damage lashes and cause them to fall out. Sweep the curler from the base of your lashes to the tips to achieve the best results. Apply two coats of mascara to hold the look.

3. Measure false lashes with no adhesive against your natural lash line, and trim outer corners to fit your eye shape. (This is a very important step because most lash strips are too wide to fit your eyes, and can result in poking and lifting from the corners.)

4. Apply a thin amount of Duo Adhesive onto the lash strip and let dry for a few seconds.

5. Gently place lash strips on to the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Brush away any excess adhesive with an angle brush. White glue will eventually dry clear, so don’t stress a little extra showing at the time of application.

6. Take a Black Eye Pencil of your choice and line the inner-upper eye to hide the false lashes, and blend them with your natural lashes.

7. Use the White Eye Pencil to line the bottom rim of the eye for the finishing touch. This brightens your eye and makes it look more open.

Applying false lashes are the icing on the 3d real mink false eyelashes of your look, apply them every time you want to take your makeup application to the next level!

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