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Apply and Remove False Lashes

There’s a big event coming up like a party, concert or something you want to attend and look beautiful for. Then you get the bright idea to wear false eyelashes. If you are like me, you have no long eyelashes to begin with. I’ve only worn them a few times and I like the look of them but I’m actually scared of them. The glue may get in your eye or the eyelash may come off in your plate of food or drink or maybe someone else’s plate; then there’s the risk of losing the lash in your eye. They are dangerous if you don’t know how to put them on or take them off. I don’t like putting them on but I hate taking them off even more. I like to share some 3d real mink false eye lashes on how to apply false lashes and remove them safely so as you don’t go sightless.

3d real mink false eye lashes
3d real mink false eye lashes

I xehair the individual lashes to add to my lashes to have that natural look. Sometimes those strips of lashes look too fake and gaudy. First step is use an eyelash adhesive that is black. The white glue is obvious in my opinion. Get a small tray to put a few drops of glue in it for dipping. If you use the individual lashes dab the end of it in the glue using tweezers to hold it. Place the lash as close to the lash line as possible and hold for a few seconds until it adheres to your lashes. Continue doing this method for each lash. If you are using a strip of lashes place a thin line of adhesive along the edge and using tweezers apply to lash line. Hold in place to allow it to set.

Now that you have spent a night on the town and shook your booty at the club you are ready to remove those suckers. There are products you can use to remove them like eyelash remover but it’s a waste of money when you can use petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I actually use a product from the Carols Daughter website called Body Jelly that is a natural moisturizer that has jojoba oil in it that works like Vaseline. I rub it all over my lashes to allow it to soften the glue on my lashes and the lashes come right off without having to pull or tug on them. If you are having difficulty then use tweezers to gently pull 3d real mink false eye lashes away from your lashes.

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