Law of Attraction – See a Penny – Pick it Up!

“See A Penny – Pick It Up – All Day Long – You’ll have good 3D mink lashes real.”

I used to love that saying when I was younger and I guess I was always looking for the “magic” even back then. The same way that even today I can’t pass up a dandelion that has turned into a “wish” or blowing on a stray 3D mink lashes real.

But when it comes to picking up pennies nowadays I see it as much more than just a token of “good luck.” I now see it as a direct message from Universe of the unlimited abundance that it is being delivered to me constantly.

3D mink lashes real
3D mink lashes real

When xehair  I see a penny on the ground I pick it up every time, regardless of how inconvenient it may be to get it. It doesn’t matter if I am fully dressed ready to attend a special function or if it is peeping out of a hard-to-reach 3D mink lashes real.

You see I’ve learned that Universe doesn’t see money in actual amounts the way that we tend to. It will just as soon give us a thousand dollars as it will a penny. It doesn’t judge us worthy or deserving. It simply delivers in every way possible when we request it to. Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction works the same way. Gravity doesn’t care what object is thrown off a building it is still going to fall and the Law of Attraction doesn’t care who or what is requested, it simply delivers based on the vibration it is receiving in regard to the request.

With that being the case, if we would like our abundance to continue to arrive in all forms, it is our job to accept the gift, be grateful for it and encourage Universe to deliver more of it. It is important for us to maintain our vibrational momentum when it comes to abundance.

Any time I find coins on the ground the first thing I say is “Thank you Universe and more of that please!” It is my personal way of acknowledging Universe’s generosity as well as confirming that it should keep on delivering.

So if I find a penny I get excited. Universe is listening! Yeah – More of that please!! A couple of hours later I find a dime! I get more excited. Universe is now delivering ten-fold in as little as a couple of hours. Yes! I’m loving it – more of that please!

I go over to a girlfriends’ house and she gives me a great blouse that she no longer wants but that I love! Now Universe is now granting me abundance in gifts! Thank you — thank you! Next I look in an old jacket pocket and find $20 I forgot about from last 3D mink lashes real!

Momentum is growing, I am getting more excited and Universe is delivering faster and faster! How awesome!

3D mink lashes real
3D mink lashes real

But now think about what message you are sending out if you don’t accept that penny? If you immediately deem it as “not enough” or not worth your time or effort to pick it up? What vibration do you think you are sending out then? If your thoughts are “What the heck is a penny going to do for me? It’s worthless. That is not going to help me!”

Your vibration goes down, your energy goes down, and Universe again responds to the messages you are sending it. Not enough, worthless, this is not going to help?…oh well then …moving on…”

So the next time even the smallest gift is delivered to you, a free gift, a small prize or even a penny on the sidewalk…appreciate it…be grateful for it…and ask for more of it!

Get excited over the little things that Universe delivers, encourage it to bring you more..get in the flow of abundance and watch what happens! You will be amazed at what Universe will continue to deliver when you let your abundance 3D mink lashes real grow!

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